2020 - flashback in pandemic context


An extraordinary year for Nano4 Global - all objectives achieved and start of molecular diagnostics for CoVID-19.

Major year for NANO4

  • Submission of NANO4 TB to regulatory agency (platform first indication)
  • Started and developed CoVID-19 Diagnostic Service
  • Welcoming a new Team member – we are now 7 - including production, QC and R&D, in our new CoVID Diagnostic Service.
  • Awarded Seal of Excellence from H2020 - EIC Accelerator
  •  Nano4 Global teams up with IPHT - Leibniz (www.leibniz-ipht.de/en/institute/photonics-for-life.html) for the development of a optical system reader and awarded a ACTPHAST - H2020 Grant.
  • Celebrating our 5th anniversary on the 14th of December – great way to close 2020!
NANO4 Nanodiagnostics Platform
  • Nano4 Global is licensed by Regulatory Agency INFARMED as Manufacturer and Distributer of In Vitro Diagnostic
  • Successful conclusion of NANO4 TB validation
  • Submission of NANO4 TB regulatory dossier to INFARMED for approval in the process to be conferred the CE Mark
  • We continued validation of NANO4 CML
CoVID-19 Diagnostics Service
  • NANO4 Global awarded with P2020 grant to scale-up service in CoVID context
  • Registration at ERS (Health Regulatory Agency) NANO4 as a Diagnostic Lab following validation by INSA (Portuguese National Institute of Health)
  • Major customers attracted by NANO4 CoVID Service performance

Looking back at 2019, one thing is certain – What a year!
Nano4 became closer to its goal, to launch innovative nanotechnology based molecular diagnostic.

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