Woldwide solutions for molecular testing at point of care


NANO4 Global aims to provide solutions for one step molecular identification of DNA/RNA at point-of-care (PoC). NANO4 Global spins around an awarded platform — NANO4 - the next generation of molecular nanodiagnostics applied to lifesciences.

NANO4 Pathogen
NANO4 approach has proven track record in the detection of TB and MDRTB
NANO4 platform is being validated towards detection of ZIKA virus infection
NANO4 R&D for molecular diagnostics of other pathogens of clinical relevance: MRSA; Dengue; Salmonella sp.
NANO4 Cancer
Currently starting validation of CML molecular detection of BCR-ABI fusion for diagnostics and follow up
NANO4 R&D focusing on lung and colon cancer biomarkers

 Who we are

NANO4 Global is a startup launched in 2015 to market nanotechnology based molecular diagnostics. The NANO4 is a nanodiagnostics platform that provides simple colorimetric detection of DNA and RNA with single base selectivity.
Following more than 12 years of research in nanodiagnostics at Universidade NOVA de Lisboa - Science and Technology, Department of Lifesciences, this technology was awarded the Scientific Prize - Santander Totta / Universidade NOVA de Lisboa.


NANO4 is a fast and user friendly technology suitable for POC.
NANO4 is highly specific and sensitive nanotechnology for in vitro molecular diagnostics.
Legend: Gold nanoprobes recognize the complementary DNA/RNA strand and yield a color output.

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